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Young Remus and Severus [Jul. 20th, 2004|01:04 pm]
Freeform RPGing Amongst Friends


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Characters: Remus Lupin and Severus Snape
Fandom: Harry Potter
Setting: Sometime in Snape and Lupin's fifth or sixth year-pre-whomping willow incident.
Rating: PG for just a touch of language
Summary: Severus needs help with his charms homework. Lupin is around.

Severus stared at the book in front of him. Charms had never been his strong point and this particular assignment was driving him to the brink of insanity. He scowled, his frown deepening as he reread the paragraph for the twentieth time. This was getting him nowhere any time quickly. He let out his breath in a rush and glanced towards the other end of the table where Remus Lupin sat, his hand on a quill, his eyes intently on the page in front of him. Severus risked a quick glance about the library. So long as Black and Potter weren't around...

'Lupin,' he hissed at the other boy.

Remus was frowning over his charms essay. Though he enjoyed the subject matter, it was a complicated assignment and he was devouring all the texts on it he could find. Now, in the near darkness of the library, he was wearing his reading glasses and had his face barely two inches from the thick leaves of the book. He almost jumped when he heard a voice hiss at him from the shadows and looked up carefully. There was only one other person close enough, but it couldn't have been... "Snape?" he asked, staring at the wiry Slytherin in disbelief. "Did you just call me?"

'No, that was one of the bloody ghosts,' Severus spat. 'Of course I called you. Are you working on Flitwick's charms assignment?' He asked, his voice a trifle on edge. If Potter or Black stepped in and saw him talking to their precious friend.

"Yes..." Remus said slowly, taking his glasses off and staring at Snape. Snape never talked to him, Snape went out of his way to avoid him, even so much as to walk away if Lucius and co. were bent on tormenting the werewolf. "Why?" he added, glancing round the library to make sure Sirius and James weren't about, though he was sure they were at Quidditch practice.

Severus frowned slightly, glancing about once more. Was he really going to do this? Well, Remus, of the four of them was the weakest and least likely to poke fun at him later, mostly he stood aside and let Sirius and James do it and so long as Potter and Black weren't about there was always plausible deniability. 'I don't get it,' he muttered quickly.

"You don't get that I'm doing my homework?" Remus asked, undeniably confused. "Well I know its not due in until next week... but I'm a Prefect see, and it looks good," he added, before frowning and turning back to his text.

Severus glared and with a final glance around the room, he stood, walked around to the other end of the table and placed both hands on the table across from Remus, leaning over so he was directly in front of him. 'No,' he said glaring. 'I don't get the homework.'

"Oh..." Remus answered, as he looked up, unable to utter anything more as his nostrils flared at the sudden plague of scents straight out of the Potions classroom. "Well," he leaned back a little so Snape wasn't so close. "It's really not THAT complicated. What is it you don't understand?"

Severus stared at the other boy for a minute, but he didn't seem to be poking fun or even particularly amused by the revelation. 'The incantation,' Severus said quietly. 'Well, and the wand motion.' Really all of it, he filled in sighing inwardly. It was somewhat painful to admit this, but perhaps less painful to admit it to Remus who wasn't in Slytherin house and wouldn't go off and tell anyone in Slytherin house.

Remus raised a smooth eyebrow but didn't say anything as he settled his glasses back onto his nose and pushed the book across the table, encouraging the other boy to sit down. "See here, this is a useful book. It demonstrates the wand movement in pictures. See, you need an upwards flick, then a tap to the right, and a half-circle to the left. I suppose it's a little complicated," he offered with a shrug of his shoulders.

Severus glared at the book pretending that the movement on the pages actually made sense to him. 'Are you using it?' he asked a trifle waspishly.

"The book?" Remus asked, looking up again. "Yes, actually... I'm having trouble with the theory myself. You can... share?" he offered, frowning a little as he risked another cursory glance around the library.

Severus stared at him. 'Don't you think you'll get Slytherin cooties if you share a book with me?' he questioned curtly.

"Cooties?" Remus raised an eyebrow and smirked. "I'm more worried that you smell of wo..." he stopped himself short and flushed, he had been about to say Wolfsbane. "... worm intestines," he finished hurriedly. "What have you been doing in the potions lab?" he asked in an inquiring tone.

Severus snorted. 'It's none of your business,' he said smartly. 'Getting O's for marks, what are you doing in potions?'

"Getting O's as well, thank you very much. And finding some of the recent concoctions a little disgusting..." he admitted. They had been studying sleeping draughts, and the wormswood caused Remus' stomach to turn, even in the diluted quantities they used it in.

Severus snorted, it was clear the other boy had no stomach for potions. On the other hand, he couldn't perform a shrinking charm to save his life, so he shouldn't be too nasty, he supposed. 'It's just sleeping draughts,' Severus said. 'I've been making the one we've just studied since I was nine.'

"I don't like the smell," Remus commented dryly, remembering the rash he had come out in when he touched some ground wormwood by mistake, and the way he had vomited after rushing from the classroom. "You may," he repeated. "Share, if you can bring yourself to risk ... Gryffindor ... germs..." he added with a small smile.

Severus snorted and reached for the book. 'Seeing as how we're sitting at the same table already, I've already been exposed.' He said but there was no bite behind his words as his eyes glanced over the pictorial directions for the motion that was to accompany the charm. He raised his other hand and moved it in the motion it would take with the wand.

Remus rolled his eyes slightly, but pulled another text towards him and found the relavent pages in the new text.

Severus repeated the motion once more and then turned around to Remus, staring at him shrewdly.

"What?" Remus asked, without looking up, feeling the dark eyes upon him.

'Why?' Severus asked him sharply.

"What do you mean 'Why'?" Remus asked, finally looking up in confusion.

'You let them totally take advantage of you,' Severus said. 'They know you're not going to report a single thing that they do so they take advantage of you.'

"I'm sorry?" Remus asked, leaning back in his chair to look at Snape, completely shocked by Snape's brashness. "You... are casting aspertions on me and myfriendships?"

'I don't think they're aspertions, but you can think what you like,' Severus said with a shrug.

"They are aspertions," Remus answered, glowering for the first time. "They're my friends, so kindly refrain yourself from saying anything else about them. Bite your tongue if need be," he added as he lowered his head to his studies once more. "The things I could say about your friends," he muttered angrily, inwardly seething.

'I don't have friends,' Severus said, biting off the words with venom and hoping it wouldn't show how much he envied Remus his friends.

"Your cronies then," Remus bit back, still staring at his book, though he was no longer reading the words.

Severus's brow furrowed and he stared at the book in front of him. 'Call them what you want,' he said. 'They don't take advantage of me.'

"Don't they?" Remus asked, looked up and gazing at Snape astutely. "So they don't ever make you do their homework? Or make you take the rap and serve their detentions?"

'No,' Severus lied, shifting slightly in his chair. He'd just taken the rap for Regulus last week. God he hated the Blacks.

"Somehow I don't believe you," Remus answered, raising an eyebrow and frowning at Severus. "My friends don't do that, and I know which I would rather have."

Severus snorted mirthlessly, and stared at the text in front of him. 'Fine, be dense,' he said bitterly.

"Oh shut up," Remus muttered, half under his breath.

'Make me,' Severus glared at the other boy.

"I'd rather not," Remus growled back.

Severus smirked. 'You don't have the balls to, do you?' He taunted. 'Got to have those 'friends' of yours to take care of you.'

"I've plenty of balls thankyou," Remus snarled, staring at Snape rather angrily. "And I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself, I'd just rather not raise a scene in the library. And, whats more, I don't really understand why you seem to want to."

Severus shrugged. 'Maybe it's fun to wind you up,' he said casually.

"And that," Remus snorted, "Is where you and I differ the most. If you'll excuse me," he muttered angrily. "I have work to do."

Severus frowned. 'You don't have to act so righteous,' he glared at Remus angrily. 'You're not. If you were you'd actually DO your prefect duties rather than turning your back the other direction.'

"I don't think its fun to wind you up," Remus countered. "And I'm not acting righteous, I am attempting to do my homework. Why don't you go away.... before James and Sirius turn up," he added nastily.

Severus's eyes flashed and he stood quickly, slamming the book closed. 'Fine,' he said picking up the book and moving back to the other side of the table where he started putting away his parchments and his text. How dare he? Severus should have known that Remus would turn around and harrass him or be nasty before he even asked him for assistance. Hell, he hadn't even really asked him for assistance and if Remus really knew how to perform the charm it would have been nice-not that anything nice ever happened to him. Severus pushed the final bit of parchment in his book bag and turned around to close the textbook he'd left laying open.

Remus had moved across the library silently and was standing beside Snape, his hand on the textbook. "I believe I was using this, if you don't mind?" he asked quietly, breathing a little more heavily than was necessary. Bloody Slytherin he was thinking, pretends to be nice, and yet always manages to be terse and rude.

Severus turned slightly. 'Well since you've got the spell down I figured you'd consider it an act of charity to help out the stupid Slytherin,' he said, his voice tight and his words bitter, mostly with self-loathing.

"I was," Remus answered calmly. "Helping you, until you decided to become honest to type." He lifted the book carefully and held it against his chest. "You wouldn't be so bad, Severus Snape, if you weren't so... bitter," he added carefully, all the while frowning deeply.

Severus snorted, 'thank you, Remus Lupin, that's a real compliment.'

"You're welcome," Remus countered quietly, and turned slowly, with a huffing sigh.

Severus stood for a moment, his hands on his book bag. He wanted to say something, maybe apologize although he wasn't quite certain what he'd need to apologize for, so he just sighed too and closed up the book bag, shouldering it. He shouldn't have said anything. He was no better off than he had been fifteen minutes ago and now Remus knew he couldn't perform a shinking charm worth anything.

He turned around, turning to give Remus a small frown. 'You know you wouldn't be so bad if you didn't hide behind Black and Potter all the time.' He said.

Remus turned slowly and looked at Snape. He raised a hand and moved it about in a circle, emcompassing their surroundings. "Do you see either of them?" he asked quietly.

'No,' Snape admitted. 'But just now you told me to leave before they showed up. I may be a git, but you're a coward.'

"No, I'm an intellect," Remus answered with a smile. "And I know that you're afraid of them. For the record," he added, "Git is a word of your own choosing."

Severus glared. 'Go to hell,' he muttered at Remus and with a final glare he took off across the library.