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Dumbledore Said You Were Dead [May. 30th, 2004|09:30 pm]
Freeform RPGing Amongst Friends


Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry Potter, Sirius Black
Setting: Harry's finally accepted that Sirius is dead. He goes to Grimmauld to say good-bye but ends up with an unexpected surprise.

Harry trudged up the steps to Grimmauld Place. School was about to start again, and he wanted to say good-bye before Dumbledore decided to use the place for something else. As the last of the Blacks - Merlin, he'd never get used to that - Harry had no idea who the house would go to (if anyone at all). The door creaked as he opened it, stepping into the hallway. Harry's heart clenched in his chest. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Sirius was standing in the back garden, the French doors to the back parlour on the ground floor open behind him. His hands were thrust deep into his pockets and his head was tipped back, eyes closed, face catching the last of the evening sun. He still hadn't got used to this, the freedom. It scared him sometimes. He had the opportunity and the money to go wherever he wanted, do whatever he wanted and yet... all he really wanted was to stay here. All those years of wanting, needing freedom. And now, he was too scared to grasp it.

Harry walked through the front rooms, going down the stairs to the kitchen. As he stood in the doorway, he thought he caught a glimpse of Sirius sitting at the table. Harry didn't think he could handle it anymore. He pulled out one of the chairs - the one he'd sat in when he'd first arrived at Grimmauld - and tried to imagine Sirius's barking laughter. Sirius explaining what had been going on since he'd been with the Dursley's. "It's all my fault," he said quietly, staring at the table.

Sirius sighed gently as the sun finally went down behind the trees at the back of the garden. He looked down, scuffing his bare feet in the dry grass slightly and then turned to walk back into the house. He locked the French doors carefully behind him, then walked through the house, aiming for the kitchen and a cup of tea before Remus and Tonks came for dinner.

Another noise from inside the house startled Harry. He looked up, but didn't move otherwise. This house always makes strange noises. After a second, his head hit the table, his glasses digging into the bridge of his nose.

Sirius padded down the steps to the kitchen and pushed the door open silently, then stopped. Harry. Bloody hell... he'd wanted to see him, wanted to tell him everything was all right, that everything would be al right. But Dumbledore hadn't let him, said that is was an advantage to have Sirius' return kept secret. Why... Sirius wondered as he gazed at the slumped figure, imagining the pain Harry must have been through... why the hell had he listened to the old man, yet again. "Harry?" he whispered, stepping forwards and into the room.

Harry didn't move. He'd imagined this so many times that he just knew it had to be another dream. He must have fallen asleep at the table, must have tried to manifest it that he was now hearing things. Or maybe Voldemort was trying another tactic, promising him that he'd see Sirius again. That You Know Who could bring him back, just like he promised he could bring back Harry's parents.

"Harry?" Sirius repeated, moving a little closer. "Harry... are you asleep?"

"Just another dream," Harry muttered, lifting his head. His eyes adjusted to the room. He was staring at the faucet now.

"Harry?" Sirius questioned in confusion as he walked over to the table, hovering just in front of Harry, entirely unsure of himself now. "It's me.. honest," he muttered, attempting his characteristic grin.

Harry jerked his head towards the voice. He grasped the back of the chair, his legs twisting in the chair as he stumbled out of it and away from the figure. Someone.. pretending to be Sirius. What kind of cruel joke was this? He grappled for his wand, pointing it at the imposter. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" he asked gruffly.

Sirius stepped forwards instinctively, his arms outstretched, before stopping himself. Fucking Dumbledore... we should have told him. "It's me," he repeated as calmly as he could. "I... I came back," he said, realising it wasn't enough to describe what had happened to him.

Harry frowned, his wand still leveled at the man. "It can't be. They told me you - they told me Sirius was dead."

"I was... I fell through the veil," Sirius conceded. "But I didn't die, I was never dead... I was just... gone," he added lamely. "Look," carefully he pulled his wand from his back pocket and threw it over onto the table. "If I was in disguise, I wouldn't do that, would I?"

Harry stared down at the wand on the table, inching close and pulling it off the table. It wasn't until then that he realised his hands were shaking. The wand.. he'd seen it so many times. It looked like Sirius's wand. "The Moody Imposter did things to prove he was trustworthy too. Prove it." The mirror. You were the only one there when you gave me the mirror, was the only thing he could think of.

"I..." Sirius paused, staring at him, considering whether he could morph into Padfoot when his wand was so far away, it would be difficult certainly. But... "You never used it," he whispered eventually. "You never used the mirror, if you'd have just called me..." he murmured sadly.

Harry's arms dropped to his sides, his face going slack. Don't cry, Harry. You're 16 now. Don't cry. "I tried.. after," he said miserably, suddenly feeling guilty. If he had only tried the mirror before...

"I tried to call you, when I came back... but it didn't work," Sirius frowned. "They wouldn't let me send you an Owl, said it was best if you didn't know yet. Harry..." he murmured, taking another step forwards. "Are you all right?"

Harry looked down at Sirius's hands. "It's been at the bottom of my truck since..." he said, returning his gaze up to Sirius's face. His jaw clenched. "Why didn't they want me know?"

"They thought... Dumbledore thought... that we could use my 'death' to our advantage," he shrugged slightly. "I wanted to tell you."

"How - where - I mean, what happened?" Harry said, holding out Sirius's wand to him.

"I fell through the veil," Sirius clarified, taking back his wand. "And then I came out again, the other side... and there was no one there. It was dark, and the Ministry was deserted. I walked to the Atrium, and flooed here. Nearly gave Remus a heart attack! He was standing about where you are now, clearing the table. There'd been an Order meeting. It was two months... two months since I fell through the veil and yet to me," he shrugged slightly. "It was no more than half an hour... I don't know what happened," he told Harry gently. "And I don't think we'll ever know."

Harry stared at him, brow furrowing with the thoughts racing in his head. Luna's words came back to him, just lurking beyond the veil. "Oh," was all he could manage. The urge to run to Sirius and hug him was strong, but his shock and denial was stronger.

"You don't believe me?" Sirius whispered, face falling. He'd imagined seeing Harry again a million times, but he'd never come up with this particular scenario.

"Dumbledore said you were dead," Harry repeated, moving to take a seat.

"Yes... because he thought I was," Sirius answered, shuffling his feet and then sitting down at the table next to Harry, carefully moving his chair away so he wasn't invading his godson's space.

"But you're not," Harry said feebly, staring into his godfather's face. He was still unable to believe that Sirius was sitting there, right in front of him.

"No, I'm not." Sirius gave a small smile. "I'm alive, and I'm here."

Harry stood up suddenly. "I want to see Padfoot."

Sirius frowned, "Why? I mean, all right... but why?" still sitting, he stared up at Harry.

"Do it," Harry said sternly. He knew Polyjuice Potion also took on the magical properties of the wizard being transformed to, but he wanted to see it nonetheless.

"Right... okay..." Sirius frowned, and then stood slowly, his wand in hand. He scrunched up his face in concentration for a moment, before morphing into Padfoot in an instant. The big black dog wagged his tail slowly and then padded towards Harry, whining low in his throat, his tail going between his legs.

Harry dropped to his knees, throwing his arms around the large dog. He covered a sob with a cough, hugging the big dog tightly.

Padfoot barked happily, wagging his tail fiercely and licking at Harry's face happily.

Harry pulled away finally, looking at the dog. "I missed you," he said simply, trying not to show that he had been on the verge of tears.

Sirius morphed back into himself at those words, and smiled painfully at Harry, "I missed you too," he said simply before leaning forwards and pulling the younger wizard into a proper hug.

Harry threw his arms around Sirius, not bothering to hide his emotions anymore. "Don't do that again," he choked.

"What?" Sirius laughed, hugging his godson tightly, squeezing his breath away. "Die? I don't plan to anytime soon," he added more seriously.

"I'm sorry," Harry croaked. "It was all my fault. I'm sorry."

"Don't be ridiculous," Sirius told him, half in amusement, half in sorrow before pulling Harry to him in another hug. "Not your fault. At all. All right?"

Harry sniffed again, looking around the room. "Where is Kreacher?" he said, straining to keep his anger in. "Where is he?"

"I don't know, upstairs probably. He's been sulking since I got back. Why?" he asked carefully.

Harry pushed himself up to his feet, grasping his wand tightly. "I'm going to kill him."

"Harry!" Sirius laughed, the short sound that was characteristically like a bark. "Don't be ridiculous!”

"I'm not being ridiculous," Harry hissed. "He's going to pay for what he did to.. you." His other hand curled into a fist.

Sirius jumped to his feet, "He didn't do anything, and I'm fine now! What's the point Harry? Dumbledore will be angry!" Sirius warned, an edge of panic creeping into his voice.

"I don't care if Dumbledore is angry. He didn't tell me anything last year," Harry muttered through gritted teeth.